PROJECTS: Interlaced


Galerie Helder [Den Haag, 2022]


Galerie Helder hosted the official release and presentation of the book  Aspect Ratio during the opening of Veenhuis’ solo exhibition Interlaced, named after a series of works that arose from finding the best options for the special edition. The outcome of this exploration, together with the first and only viewing of all 24 limited editions, was exclusively displayed by Galerie Helder. As layered as the work of Veenhuis in general, both formalistic and in terms of content, Aspect Ratio became more than the initial book. The multiple incarnations and endless possibilities had to be explored and presented. [1]

“By emphasizing everyday phenomena Sjimmie’s work makes you observe your environment with new attention. Combined with his consistent preference for bright colors his work fits in with the tradition of Dutch artists like Mondriaan and Vincent van Gogh.” [2]