PROJECTS: Excerpts


ROOM | Melklokaal [Heerenveen, 2018]


“On the top floor of Melklokaal I find a tile tableau by Sjimmie Veenhuis in ROOM. By covering half tiles with red-white and black-yellow warning tape, he can build a pattern that will look different in every room. This “Excerpts” is therefore a site-specific installation. The three possible shapes that can be used in the bigger picture are placed on the wall. No lines may cross, which means the possibilities are limited. Veenhuis manages to create a powerful puzzle with it. The plastic shines in the light and disappears completely in places, so that, viewed from every side, the floor is moving due to lines and reflections.” [1]

“Sjimmie Veenhuis anticipates directly on the elongated room with low ceiling on the top floor of Melklokaal in Heerenveen with his installation Exerpts. With numerous tiles placed on the floor he made a long rectangle with patterns that involuntarily relates to graphic artist M.C. Esher by its symmetry and the forms that develop from positive to negative. Veenhuis always uses existing materials he merges in a manner whereby the functionality disappears and transforms into a completely separate image. This is done with mathematical precision and beauty.” [2]

Duo show
w/ Coen Vunderink