Openbare Bibliotheek [Appingedam, 2018]


OdV Interior Architects investigated whether there would be an artist with an affinity for ‘order’. The choice fell on artist Sjimmie Veenhuis. Along an educational program with fifty students from the Eemsdelta College in Appingedam, he developed a large and colourful artwork of an enormous amount of eliminated books. The work, which is located in the entrance hall, takes up an entire wall. During classes at school and at the library, students experimented with the books and provided Veenhuis with ideas for the final artwork, which has created a special connection between the students and the library. [1]

“The art project in collaboration with the Eemsdelta College was well received. The students were taught by the artist and he also learned from them. “Normally, I usually work alone, so it sometimes took some time to get used to the fact that others were also involved in the work. But I am extremely proud of the result. They were full of greay ideas!”, says Sjimmie Veenhuis. The collaboration resulted in a sleek and colorful work of art. Arend Middelveld, director of Biblionet Groningen, complimented everyone who worked on the art project: “Beautiful result, what a work this must have been, I think it was very successful. The library is now really finished!” [2]