Aspect Ratio [2022]
Uitgeverij Komma


Limited Edition

Special Edition

Design: Sjimmie Veenhuis [cover] / Wout de Vringer [layout]
Texts: Leo Delfgaauw, Pim Hoff, Merel van den Nieuwenhof
Binding: Hardcover / Swiss binding
Volume: 160 pages / 36 x 24 x 2,4 cm
Language: Dutch / English
NB: Front and back cover hand-pasted with warning tape
ISBN: 978-94-91525-70-4
Design: Sjimmie Veenhuis
Construction: Wooden box frame [70 x 50 x 11 cm]
Content: 1 book [unpasted cover] + 2 rolls of warning tape
Front side: Unique artwork [40 x 60 cm]
Copies: 24 [parts from larger installation artwork]
NB: Numbered and signed
ISBN: 978-94-91525-70-4-LE
Design: Sjimmie Veenhuis
Front side: Line drawing [in 4 different options]
Back side: Hand-pasted with warning tape [following front sides]
Options: Results of the Limited edition’s DIY-concept
Copies: 40 [10 x 4 options]
NB: Numbered and signed
ISBN: 978-94-91525-70-4-SE
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