Book signing @ Galerie Helder
Saturday DEC 24th Galerie Helder is organizing a ‘meet & greet’ for anyone who missed the opening of my current solo exhibition Interlaced.
I will be present to sign my book Aspect Ratio for those who want to buy a copy from me personally, but first and foremost I am happy to meet anyone who likes to view and discuss my work in person.
DEC 24th | 15-17h | Tasmanstraat 188, Den Haag
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Book presentation & solo exhibition @ Galerie Helder
On DEC 3rd Galerie Helder will be hosting the long awaited presentation of my book Aspect Ratio, during the opening of my solo exhibition Interlaced. The exhibition will be all about the insane scope of work that this project has become.
As layered as my work in general, it became way more than the book itself. It’s the most complex yet most rewarding project I have ever done, and I am thrilled to finally share the result and it’s multiple incarnations, which are all interconnected.
Together with Uitgeverij Komma I would like to invite you all for this very special moment at Galerie Helder!
DEC 3rd | 14-17h | Tasmanstraat 188, Den Haag
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Site-specific intervention for Big Art Bajes
In times when every form of perspective in society seems to be missing, more and more arrows and barriers appear around us to tell us which way we should or should not go. Within my working method, it is the increasingly self-evident presence of my choice of materials that merges with growing expectations concerning public order.
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Pre-order my upcoming book Aspect Ratio at Uitgeverij Komma
My upcoming book Aspect Ratio will be soon released as a trinity by Uitgeverij Komma, in three different options which will all be connected by different approaches of the book’s cover design.
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UPCOMING: Book release at Uitgeverij Komma
I can hardly believe it, but finally all the work for my upcoming book Aspect Ratio is completely finished. Over the past two years, I have stumbled upon how complicated it is to create a book in between all other projects. Fortunately, I didn’t do this alone and I am in the grateful position that amazing people became involved in making this wonderful opportunity a reality. I am very much looking forward to presenting the book very soon. More later, stay tuned!
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Performance for Monument Makers 2021
Everything on display in the CRASH Museum, which is located inside Fort bij Aalsmeer and exclusively displays the remains from WW2 airplane crashes, has been carefully photographed and archived by Erno Kiljan. When we first met for Monument Makers, it quickly became clear that we are both used to view our surroundings with a certain focus. With an eye for detail and a sense of order, we both study our immediate environment, to apply this in very different ways.
For the public eye we will try to transform the military work platform for vehicles into a temporary work of art. The tension between individual differences as a symbol for organised conflict situations forms the starting point for the creative performance by Erno and me. Can we transform the two shapes into one piece as a whole? Or does the difference between us become literally visible in the final composition? Come and see our ‘battle’ at Fort bij Aalsmeer, September 11-12.
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New artwork for Kunstvloed 2021
This year five artworks are to be found by different visual artists along the Sauwerder detour. Kunstvloed leaves behind a work of art after each edition, literally flooding Sauwerd and Wetsinge with art. My work for this years edition will be located at the harbour of Sauwerd.
Kunstvloed can be visited in and around Sauwerd and Wetsinge, September 10-19.
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Group exhibition at Piet Hein Eek
Two of my works from the Entro series are part of Exhibition #2 in the Temporary Gallery of Piet Hein Eek in Eindhoven. Besides my work, the work of Willem van den Hoed, Tokihiro Sato, Reinoud van Vught, Jan van der Ploeg, Daniel Ruanova and Marc Mulders are also on display in the exhibition.
Exbition #2 can be visited from 24 March to 18 July 2021, on Mon-Sat between 10:00 and 18:00 or on Sundays by appointment.
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Solo exhibition at ISM Project Space
In the work of Sjimmie Veenhuis, in which everyday appearances and questioning their meaning is the starting point, current affairs have forced themselves upon it in an unexpected way. Is it possible to make an installation in which current restrictions are honoured without safety facilitating a dead end to predictability?
The exhibition Spatium can be visited during Hoogtij on 27, 28 and 29 November at ISM Project Space in The Hague.


Kunstblik, commissioned by One Day Artist
“To what extent is my resistance to opportunistic clichés currently blocking me in creating my work?” This week we are sharing the Kunstblik (artists view) by visual artist Sjimmie Veenhuis. In the online collection of MoMa (NY), symbolically chosen as the ultimate navigational beacon of successful art, he eventually fell for the work TecTake Luxus Strandkorb by Christopher Williams.
Sjimmie was captivated by a photo of a half-naked model that was commissioned for an advertising campaign. A remarkable choice in these times of seclusion, he thinks, as the photo is a good example of ‘sex sells’. He finds it remarkable that his first look fell on the woman instead of the abstract interplay of lines in the photo. Sjimmie has difficulty opportunistically exploiting clichés in his own work. Now that we are confronted with marking tape on a daily basis and artists appear everywhere who gratefully make use of it, Sjimmie seems to lose contact with his work and his underlying intentions.
One Day Artist weekly shares an artist’s Kunstblik under the guidance of Yotka Kroeze. Art can teach something about yourself or about others, so we ask artists to reflect on an existing work of art and be inspired by it.
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Podcast episode about my artistic struggles
In-depth conversation between two artists, Wim Warrink and me, as part of a duo-episode about each others artistic struggles. This week’s episode S01#10 of Ezelsoren is about confronting the doubts and insecurities that I encounter in my work considering current affairs. The conversation is in Dutch.
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Action>Reaction 2.0 goes to London
Action>Reaction 2.0, the work I developed for the 7th edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival last year, has been selected for The Light Festival at Battersea Power Station in London. Along with three other artworks, Action>Reaction 2.0 will be on display in London from January 8 to February 16, 2020.
Check out the Battersea Power Station website for more information, or follow the developments in London on my Instagram-account.